Neighbours Day Newsletter Jan 2017

By - January 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017!!  We hope that the festive season has been fabulous and that you’re well rested and ready for the coming year.  We’re kicking off the year with our first ‘New Year’s Resolution’ winner, our first Neighbourhood Champion, and chances for you to get involved and be in to win too. In this newsletter …

Welcome to 2017!!  We hope that the festive season has been fabulous and that you’re well rested and ready for the coming year.  We’re kicking off the year with our first ‘New Year’s Resolution’ winner, our first Neighbourhood Champion, and chances for you to get involved and be in to win too.

In this newsletter we have:
–      Our first ‘Make it a New Years Resolution’ winner , and your chance to get into the next draw,
–      Only 3 days till we find out who will become our First Neighbourhood Champion
–       I Heart My Hood photo competition!!

Our First ‘Make it a New Year’s Resolution’ Winner!

We all know the new years is a time for making plans for the coming year, and we have the easiest New Year’s resolution yet, and you can tick off part of it pretty quickly.  Just sign up and commit to getting involved in Neighbours Day.    Those that do sign up go into the draw for a $100 grocery voucher – there is still a chance to win one in January and in February.

The first of our draws for the grocery voucher has been made and the winner is Stephanie Moran of Red Beach!   Congratulations Stephanie!

More on the campaign and how to get involved is below!

Make it a New Year’s Resolution!

Earlier this year we put it to the Neighbours Day community to vote on the best way to launch Neighbours Day 2017.   The winning idea was is ‘Make it a New Years Resolution’, and so that is what we’re rolling with.  Make getting involved in Neighbours Day your New Year’s Resolution.

If you or anyone else signs up for Neighbours Day 2017 between today and the 31st of January you go in a drawer to win a $100 grocery voucher.   We’ll be making 2 more draws,  one this month and one in February.

We know there are some of you who are real champions of Neighbours Day Aotearoa, so for those that get the most people joining up we have a little incentive for you too.  We’ve added a section in the join up page where people can mention how they heard about Neighbours Day.  This is where all those awesome people you get to join up can pop your name.  If you, or your organisation, come out on tops and have the most new members joining up then you will win a $100 grocery voucher as well!!!  Whaaattt!!   Now that will come in handy either for your awesome Neighbours Day event, or your friendly neighbourly bbq, or will pay for the TimTam’s you bring when you have a cup of tea with your neighbours.

 And just in case the chance to get involved in Neighbours Day and maybe win a voucher still isn’t enough then how about this! –  our Neighbours Day Members get tips and advice on how to make their Neighbours Day especially awesome, how and where to apply for funding or support in your community for your neighbours day activities,  AND we’ll be having a few more spot prize draws in the coming months that will help make your neighbours day activities even more fabulous.

Now that right there is a even more of an incentive to get either your fine self or others you know involved!   So make sure you share the love and spread the word.

Neighbourhood Champions!

There are only a few days left to get your Neighbourhood Champion nominations in.  Our January Neighbourhood champion gets the chance to win this beautiful pohutakawa necklace from Paul Harris Art and Design.  Next month we have a lovely Orania skin care package to give our Neighbourhood Champion.  So get those stories into

I Heart My Hood Photo Competition

This month we will launching the I Heart My Hood photo competition.  We’ll be announcing the launch date on facebook and on our website in the coming weeks.

This year we’re doing it a little differently.  We really want to see and hear about the people in your neighbourhood.  Portraits of our neighbourhood champions, or the people that to you personify your community or ‘hood’.   To help focus (excuse the photography pun) we’ve chosen three themes.

 1 – I Heart the History of My Hood

Everywhere we live has history, and stories.  Do you know your hood’s history?  Or maybe you know someone who has lived in the community for what seems like a million years, and know the place like that back of their hand.  Was your hood the birth place of the women’s vote, or maybe site of the biggest lamington ever made way back in 53′ ….(Yes I know, random, but honestly we’re interesting in anything and everything)…  We want to capture that both photographically and with a little text to accompany the image.  It could be a quote, or a short version of the story that’s been told.  By the way – this is also an awesome way to get our older ‘story tellers’ involved.

2 – I Heart Diversity in my Hood

New Zealand really has become a melting pot and that brings with it the rainbow of diversity of all kinds.   We want to capture some of that photographically and again with a little story, quote or text that adds to the diversity story of your community.  Maybe you have the ‘united nations’ living on one street, maybe your neighbourhood pot luck dinners are better and more interesting than an international food fair could every dream of!  We want to see and hear about it.

3 – I Heart My Healthy Hood

With our clean green image,  amazing fresh foods, picture perfect outdoor environment, we know there are neighbourhoods out there that personify ‘health’.    Is your neighbourhood or neighbour one of them? It could be through a neighbourhood walking group, or a ‘from garden to plate thanks to the shared neighbourhood community garden’ kind of thing.  It might be a neighbourhood that has committed to getting the kids off screens and outside, or maybe its a whole street of cross fit power vegans ….. probably not … but you never know.  What ever it is, we want to see and hear about it with a great photo of the people involved, and a great quote or (short) story to go with it.

So get snapping and chatting.  We’ll have more information on I Heart My Hood  available on facebook and on our website.

We’re starting 2017 with a hiss and a roar.  We hope you are too!

Make sure you sign up for Neighbours Day 2017.  If you get a sudden urge to share Neighbours Day on social media, don’t fight that urge and use – #neighboursday .  If you have some awesome neighbourly stories feel free to email them to us at