A Lovely Country Lane

By Robyn Langstone

Thinking Big

We live in a country lane.

We live in a country lane. There are approximately 25 houses, most are on a small acreage – two to three acres each. Some a bit bigger. There is a mix of residents, from some young families, to some retired couples. We have been having “street get together s” since long before “Neighbours Day” started. Two or three times a year someone decides to host neighbours at their house, we ask all to bring a plate, and a drink. Host house usually supplies tea or coffee. We have had all at our house many times over the twelve years we have lived here. Everyone enjoys first meeting neighbours , then catching up with them. We can exchange information on who owns which animals , if a pet strays, this way, the neighbour that finds it, can advise the owner. When one little dog in our lane went wandering recently, while it’s owner was out, the finder emailed the neighbours, and within 30 minutes two neighbours offered to collect him, and dog sit until the owner got back.
We are again having all at our house for the afternoon of 25 March, and looking forward to it.