Neighbours Day Stories: First-steps

Get inspired by these stories of neighbourly action from around New Zealand

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Neighbours day – Tamariki Day

First Steps

Joanne Ruddelle ‘A great Tamariki Day’

Neigbour’s Day Boom

Northland Community CentreFirst Steps

We made a conscientious effort to increase the reputation of our Neighbour’s Day event this year …

Business Morning Tea

First Steps

Masterton Neighbourhood Support held a business neighbours day morning tea with over 17 businesses and community organisations plus the Mayor and board members attending. Your work neighbours are just as important as residential neighbours as you never know when a disaster will hit.

Businesses are your work Neighbours

Lynette JunoFirst Steps

Neighbourhood Support Masterton invited the Mayor plus local businesses and Community organisations to morning tea

Louisa’s Backyard Conversation Sparked A Neighbourhood Friendship

Claire FarrellyFirst Steps

Louisa used sharing fudge to connect with her neighbour in a backyard conversation. As a young Mum, this fortuitous moment sparked a friendship that had positive long term impacts where she feels supported by her neighbourhood.

Tamati Has A Vision For Front Yards To Be Playgrounds

Claire FarrellyFirst Steps Thinking Big

Tamati from Auckland has a vision for reclaiming the streets in his neighbourhood for his children. He wants to ensure that his children are passed on values of giving and continue the legacy of strong, connected communities.

Maurice, Described As An Ideal Neighbour

Claire FarrellyFirst Steps

Maurice has many neighbourly tendencies from lending tools to collecting mail and always smiling and saying hello. Maurice thinks that a small effort can turn streets into neighbourhoods.

Neighbourliness Is Part Of Our Kiwi DNA

Claire FarrellyFirst Steps

Neighbourliness is part of kiwi DNA, as experienced by 22 year old migrant Roanna. Having a good relationship with her neighbours was critically important to her settling into life in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

How Vicky From Auckland Got To Know Her Neighbours Through Her Children

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps Next Steps Thinking Big

Vicky from Auckland wanted to get to know her neighbours better. Through the neighbourhood kids, she got to know the parents and feels her neighbourhood is now a place where families feel safe and cared for.

Blackie And Tui From Orakei Share Their Top Tips For Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps Next Steps Thinking Big

Blackie and Tui found they had a very diverse neighbourhood through their Neighbours Day activity. They found going a step further in getting to know each other turned strangers into friends.

Vivian Of Pukekohe With Neighbours Day Resources In Action!

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps

Virginia Warren from Pukekohe uses the Neighbours Day Aotearoa pre-printed invitations to advertise her local activity to her neighbours.

It Was Love At First Sight For These Neighbours In Tauranga

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps Next Steps

New to Neighbours Day Aotearoa, Joy and Mary-Rose fell in love with the idea at a community meeting and got started straight away on organising their activity!

Chalking The Walk In Nelson

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps Next Steps

Chalking the walk in Nelson was a fun and creative way to celebrate the cycleway and get kids involved in brightening up the neighbourhood.

A Caring Community Of Neighbours

Ruth GreenwayFirst Steps Next Steps Thinking Big

Waikato Place is more than just an address for Anne, it has become a community. Her neighbours get together every year and make sure to share contact details. They care for each other and live in harmony.

Announcing The Winners Of New Zealand’s 2014 Good Neighbour Competition

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps Next Steps Thinking Big

Announcing the winners of our 2014 national Good Neighbour competition! Nine winners from all over New Zealand have been selected to each win a $500 summer prize pack from The Warehouse.

Kelsie From Whangarei is in Awe of Her Good Neighbour

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps

Kelsie, of Onerahi in Whangarei, is in awe of her neighbour Margaret who she describes as being “the best!”.

Keep Calm and Share Cake

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps

One of the best ways to connect with your neighbours is by sharing food. Why not bake or make something for your neighbour to show you care.

Saying Hello Can Lead to a Million Things!

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps

A simple hello, smile and wave to your neighbour can lead to a million things! There are many ways to say hello in New Zealand! Add yours to the comments below.

Nunia Living On Her Own But Not Alone

Angela RamptonFirst Steps

Nunia (Rosie) Macleod loves living in Tawa and loves all the great people that live closest to her.  “I have really good friends in my neighbourhood who come to visit me every now and then, bringing magazines for me to read or sometimes even a plate of dinner”.  Neighbours in Nunia’s street celebrate Neighbours Day …