Neighbours Day Stories: I-heart-my-hood

Get inspired by these stories of neighbourly action from around New Zealand

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Safety Eco Sign

Paola MaldonadoI Heart my Hood

In our street, we have concerns about the car speed. So After applying to a grant from Auckland Council, we started an amazing project that finished today in our Neighbourhood Day Party. We collected plastics Lids to make a double-faced sign to say ” SLOW DOWN FOR CHILDREN” and the other side “THANK YOU FOR …

there for each other

brooke hainsworthI Heart my Hood

… we gather together and stand as one …

Wool Shed Potluck Tea 25 years old

Judy HowardI Heart my Hood


Keeping it Clean and Green

Morgan Educare Centre LtdI Heart my Hood

Morgan Educare Ltd is an early childhood centre in the suburb of Flaxmere, Hastings. It is licensed for 29 children, including nine up to the age of two. The centre cares and provides education for children, most of whom identify as Māori or Pacific. To provide access to early childhood education the governing board has …

My Green fingered Gardener

Jenny BakerI Heart my Hood

I HEART MY HEALTHY HOOD My story is about my partner, the green fingered Gardener. Since we bought our house in Haruru Falls just over a year ago Daniel has been busy transforming our garden. He has built a big raised bed for all our veggie plants, transplanted and relocated tree’s and collected and grown …

What change will do in your Neighbourhood

Heather TanguayI Heart my Hood

I HEART MY HEALTHY HOOD Residents around Milan Reserve in Glen Eden have been working for 3 years to return the Milan Reserve to the community to use. When the project first started, the reserve was filled with rubbish, people were partying and living in the bush, no one went into the bush see what …