Neighbours Day Stories: Next-steps

Get inspired by these stories of neighbourly action from around New Zealand

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Street clean ups bring people together for Neighbours Day

Housing NZNext Steps

Housing New Zealand staff from the Kilbirnie and Porirua Office spent their Saturday cleaning up some streets and putting on BBQs for tenants to mark Neighbours Day. “My team were out cleaning up Miller Place in Lyall Bay and putting on a BBQ for our tenants and their neighbours,” says Area Manager, Alice Daniel-Kirk. The …

Lifewise Invite Their Neighbours For Morning Tea

Neighbours Day Next Steps

Lifewise is one of five neighbourhood passionate organisations making up the Neighbours Day steering group.  To celebrate Neighbours Day 2014 they got together with other businesses in the University of Otago block at 385 Queen Street for a morning tea.

Eden Park Hosts A Neighbourhood Family BBQ

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps

Eden Park is very aware of the impact it has on its neighbours. With national games happening at the stadium throughout the year and ongoing road closures, there can be disruption to normal life on a regular basis.

Warwick Street Celebrate Neighbours Day By Decorating Neighbourhood Trees!

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps

Lisa from Warwick Street thinks the proximity of her neighbourhood to a school is why they are so well connected. “The school provides a hub and for us that have children there, we know the parents from school activities”.

Kylee Uses Neighbours Day To Get Neighbourhood Support Going

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps

Kylee from Sunnyhills used the opportunity of connecting with her neighbours over Neighbours Day weekend 2014 to get her Neighbourhood Support group back up and running.

Kooky Kowhai Street In Whakatane Welcomes New Neighbours

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps

Robyn arrived in Kowhai Street 11 years ago and has developed a passion for her seaside street in Whakatane.

How Vicky From Auckland Got To Know Her Neighbours Through Her Children

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Vicky from Auckland wanted to get to know her neighbours better. Through the neighbourhood kids, she got to know the parents and feels her neighbourhood is now a place where families feel safe and cared for.

Blackie And Tui From Orakei Share Their Top Tips For Neighbours Day Aotearoa

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Blackie and Tui found they had a very diverse neighbourhood through their Neighbours Day activity. They found going a step further in getting to know each other turned strangers into friends.

Wellington City Getting The Word Out About Neighbours Day!

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps Thinking Big

Wellington City Council are huge advocates of encouraging neighbourliness through Neighbours Day Aotearoa. Celia Wade-Brown thinks that “good neighbours are an everyday pleasure and a necessity”.

The Next Generation Of Good Neighbours With Rebecca From North Shore

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps Thinking Big

Rebecca started Neighbours Day Aotearoa, a nationally celebrated weekend of neighbourliness activity. She found having her first child opened up more ways to connect with neighbours and hopes families will join in!

Mapping out a safer street in Rotorua

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps Thinking Big

Inspired to connect with neighbours to create safer streets, Vivian has mapped out households and contact details through her community map. For Neighbours Day 2014 she is inviting surrounding neighbourhoods to get involved.

It Was Love At First Sight For These Neighbours In Tauranga

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New to Neighbours Day Aotearoa, Joy and Mary-Rose fell in love with the idea at a community meeting and got started straight away on organising their activity!

Chalking The Walk In Nelson

Kimberley ClelandFirst Steps Next Steps

Chalking the walk in Nelson was a fun and creative way to celebrate the cycleway and get kids involved in brightening up the neighbourhood.

Love Thy Neighbour

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Love thy neighbour by sharing a secret gift exchange

Eastern Bay Leading The Way!

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Pou Whakaaro in the Eastern Bay of Plenty of New Zealand was humming with Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2014 activities. Everything from pot luck pizzas to school activities are going on in this very neighbourly pocket of New Zealand.

A Caring Community Of Neighbours

Ruth GreenwayFirst Steps Next Steps Thinking Big

Waikato Place is more than just an address for Anne, it has become a community. Her neighbours get together every year and make sure to share contact details. They care for each other and live in harmony.

Sharing What You Grow In Your Backyard

Ruth GreenwayNext Steps

For Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2014, local neighbours got together at Harbour View Reserve in Auckland to have a “community sourced” brunch where all the food came from the local gardens or was home made.

Building Spaces For Neighbours In Your Street, Kathleen And Her Street Seat

Kimberley ClelandNext Steps Thinking Big

Neighbourhood gatherings have been going on for 13 years in Kathleen’s street and they now share skills, resources and stories. To have their property interact with the street more, Kathleen and Ralph built a street seat.

Connecting Neighbours Through Food

Eva NeelyNext Steps Thinking Big

Food is a central focus to our lives, and also a focus in many Neighbours Day activities. Eva Neely has been researching how food practices can be used to promote health holistically, with a specific focus on health promotion in schools.

Announcing The Winners Of New Zealand’s 2014 Good Neighbour Competition

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Announcing the winners of our 2014 national Good Neighbour competition! Nine winners from all over New Zealand have been selected to each win a $500 summer prize pack from The Warehouse.